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Aeneas Thamer | 1st AC

Hello there, my name is Aeneas Thamer and I work as a 1st AC, based in munich, germany

A lot of roads lead to film. Which one did you take?

After school I wasn’t really sure what to do or where to go. A friend of mine had the idea, I could try an internship at a Munich based production company so this was the beginning of my journey. I quickly realised that working with cameras could be something I enjoy. So I decided to start another internship at a company who can show and teach me everything about cameras, I landed at ARRI Rental that was a absolut fantastic experience I got more and more passionate. I had the opportunity to work with all kinds of equipments I could find at the Rental, it was like a “Big-Boys- Playground” for me.

I fell in love with the technical part of the job, but also wanted to see more and how to work with it on Set so it was predictable that the work as an assistant cameraman would be interesting for me.

So this is how it all began! ;)

Hell yeah!

To have the chance to tell a story with pictures, is very satisfying. I think this is what brings us all together through all the different departments. New setups new locations new projects, it never gets boring. ;)

The travelling and to get to know new people and cultures.

Oh no!

The dark side, how I call it ;) the balance between social life and business…when you signed up for a show, it is really hard to find the time for friends or family, sometimes you have the nightshoots or on the weekends or even shifted weekends, than the spontaneity.

Great gear …

It needs to be simple and reliable, high quality materials and defy weather/climate fluctuations.

Are you a nerd?

OOOOuh this is a definitely a !!!YESSS!!! I really enjoy the PrepDays before a shoot to build up the camera, learn about new equipments, researching or developing new ideas(how I ended up with you guys ;) )

During a show I have ne ideas and afterwards, when I have time I like to deal with it! :)

My most extraordinary / strange / crazy / weird / fascinating experience on set …


One sentence about our products that we may quote:

High Quality Build, Reliable, Easy to handle, and a good Service!!!


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